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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? Energy Healing is a holistic practice. It is the practice of channeling healing energy from the universal life force to a client to help balance, heal, and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, and harmony can be restored during a session. I always say a prayer before I get started and I ask my Higher Power and my guides that I be used as a channel. What is a session like with me? I work closely with the Archangels and my spirit guides. Once I started tapping into this energy they just started showing up! I usually see a lot of imagery in my sessions and I take notes of what I see and hear while we are in session. That is how I came up with the name Angels and Messages. That is exactly what it is!

60 minute session:  $111

90 minute session:  $155


Contact me with any group meditation requests.

The general format will include:

* 10-20 minutes guided mediation

* 10-20 minutes silent meditation

* 5-10 minutes group discussion

* Closing with a blessing


What to Wear: Come as you are. Be comfortable. You may like to dress in layers.

What to Bring: There is limited seating so you may like to bring a mat, blanket, pillow or cushion in case you sit on the floor. Feel free to bring a journal, pen, eye-pillow, water or anything else that helps you feel comfortable!


Suggested Donation is $20

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